Workshop Description:

Attendees will learn robotics concepts through completing a variety of robotics challenges in a fun, hands-on and knowledge sharing environment. A tour of the Engineering Lab space is also included.

Learning Outcomes:

    • How to build a basic EV3 robot for classroom activities
    • How to make an EV3 Lego robot move
    • How to use basic flow controls to help an EV3 Lego robot make decisions
    • How to make an EV3 Lego robot react to its environment through the use of sensors

Date: Friday 17th February 2017

Hours: 9-00 am to 2-30 pm

Location:  CQUniversity Rockhampton North Building 29 2.01 & 2.02

Cost:  $100 (includes morning tea and lunch)

CPD Hours: 4


Delivery Method: Workshop on campus at CQUniversity

Relevant For:  All teachers and educators

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