Sexual Health 

This range of short courses relates to reproductive, development and assessment of sexual health.

In order to undertake this course you must first apply to True Relationships and Reproductive Health and complete the eligibility package. Once you have been approved eligible by True Relationships and Reproductive Health you will be provided with your login details and you have three months from the enrolment date to complete the course. 

Course Description:

This course is for sexual and reproductive health nurses who are already working in an advanced capacity, to further enhance their knowledge and skills in relation to the safe supply and administration of medication within a sexual and reproductive health program according to the Drug Therapy Protocol – Sexual Health Program (including reproductive health), relevant approved Health Management Protocol and the Queensland Health (Drugs & Poisons) Regulation 1996.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply relevant legislation, policies and ethical principles to professional practice as an Authorised DTP Sexual Health Program Nurse.
  • Define the differences between the key pharmacological principles:
    • including drug actions
    • principles and methods of administration and supply
    • drug calculations
    • application of specific drugs in specific conditions
    • identify needs of specific groups
    • normal and adverse reactions to drug therapy
    • appropriate interventions
  • Demonstrate an advance level of knowledge of Authorised Nurse's roles and responsibilities in the supply and administration of drugs
  • Implement comprehensive medication assessment for contraception, and supply medication according to the employer's Health Management Protocol and Drug Therapy Protocol - Sexual Health Program (including Reproductive Health)
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver quality immunisation services according to:
    • employer's Health Management Protocol and Drug Therapy Protocol - Sexual Health Program (including Reproductive Health)
    • Australian Immunisation Handbook
    • National Vaccine Storage Guidelines
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess individual client's vaccination requirements, manage vaccine processes and vaccination procedures
  • Identify and treat anaphylaxis according to organisational guidelines and procedures

Assessment:  Online Quizzes, Assessment Workbook and Reflective Journal

Cost:  $400

Duration:  20 Hours

CPD Hours:  20

Intakes:  Cohort limited

Delivery Method:  Online

Relevant For:  All health practitioners who are eligible.  Click here to access the eligibility pack.

Course Enquiries:  

The course has been developed by True Relationships and Reproductive Health and is endorsed by Queensland Health.  It is offered by the Centre for Professional Development in collaboration with True Relationships and Reproductive Health.

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Course Description:  

This free, 1 hour course is designed to assist the health professional with a better understanding of the importance of sexuality in the elderly population.  Acknowledging that we are all sexual beings regardless of how old we become encompasses our identity.  Being proactive by providing accurate information, support and remaining open-minded, the health professional can promote positive person-centred care.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Recognise the importance of sexuality in the older population
  • Identify positive approaches to human sexuality
  • Develop an understanding of the complex factors that shape human sexual behaviour
  • Identify the role of health care providers to understand and promote the potentially positive role sexuality can play in people’s lives
  • Be empowered to have meaningful and interactive conversations with seniors about sexual decision making

Assessment:  Online quiz

Cost:  Free

Duration:  1 hour

CPD Hours:  1

Intakes:  This course can be enrolled into at any time

Delivery Method:  100% online

Relevant for:  All health professionals and members of the community

Prerequisite:  None

Course Enquiries:

Website Course Profile:  CPD13 - Sexual Health in Australia - Sex for Seniors

Course Description:

Developments in digital technology have revolutionised many aspects of life and offer many exciting possibilities. These developments however also pose risks for young people. In this course, we examine how young people are using new technologies and both the risks and benefits that these technologies bring to the lives of young people. Specifically, we will examine the implications of the digitally mediated world on the sexual development, sexual behaviour and safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Evaluate the benefits and risks of technology in healthy sexual development of youth
  • Identify healthy sexual development, sexual behaviours displayed by young people through the TLF
  • Demonstrate best practice approaches and recommendations in responding to sexual risk and/or abuse through the use of digital technologies
  • Discuss the needs of minority youth regarding sexuality and gender identity, and the barriers they face.

Assessment:  Online Quizzes and Assignment

Cost:  $280

Duration:  12 Hours

CPD Hours:  12

Intakes:  Unlimited

Delivery Method:  Online 

Relevant For: Teachers, counsellors, health care professionals and youth workers

Course Enquiries:

The course has been developed by True Relationships and Reproductive Health 

For all other enquiries contact