Course Description:

CQUniversity Australia offers courses to international students in Australia and is a registered provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The University is required to demonstrate compliance on a regular basis to ensure its continued CRICOS registration.

This course has been developed for CQUniversity Australia staff and agents to ensure compliance with the ESOS Act and National Code, and staff and agents understanding of their obligations according to their roles in the University.

The Standards of the National Code detail specific requirements registered provider must meet to comply with their obligations.  It is mandatory for staff of CQUniversity Australia to understand the requirements of the National Code and ESOS Act.


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Learning Outcomes:  

  • Ensuring the integrity of CQUniversity 
  • Understanding your obligations to ensure consistency in approach and compliance
  • Understand how ESOS and National Code applies to your role

Assessment:  Quiz based on each category of staff access

Cost:  Mandatory Training (Free)

Duration:  10 - 15 minutes per Standard

Intakes:  Unlimited

Delivery Method:  Online

Relevant for:  All CQUniversity staff and Agents

Prerequisite:  Nil

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